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Terms and Conditions

1. Realisation of the contract

While you send off an order in the on-line shop, make to us an offer on end of a contract. For this you lay in the first step the desired products in the virtual goods basket. On the subsequent sides you confirm that you have read our Terms and Conditions and have accepted. As soon as you have sent off your order, receive a confirmation about the entrance of your order by e-mail. This order confirmation does not show yet the acceptance of the contract offer. She serves merely the information that the order has come. Nevertheless, a bill of sale comes about only with the dispatch of our confirmation of order by e-mail to you or with the delivery of the ordered product.

2. Storage of the contract text

We store the contract text of your order. They can print out this before the sending of your order to us, while you click in the last step of the order on "printing". Moreover, we send you an order confirmation as well as a confirmation of order with all order data to the e-mail address given by you.

3. Retention of title

The delivered product remains up to the entire payment of all demands our property.

4. Terms of delivery

As a rule the delivery occurs through DHL or Hermes to the calculation address or to a divergent address of delivery. The customer is responsible for the information of exact address data. The costs for the return on account of wrong or incomplete zip code or place, go to loads of the customer. We point out to the fact that the dates of delivery are always non-binding.

5. Forwarding expenses (postage & packaging)

The forwarding expenses within Germany amount inclusively to 4,80 € (total weight to 500 g).

The forwarding expenses within Germany amount inclusively to 5,90 € (total weight to 2000 g).

From 100.-€ of order value we deliver in Germany postpaid.

The forwarding expenses within Europe amount inclusively to 6,90 € (total weight to 500 g).

The forwarding expenses within Europe amount inclusively to 9,90 € (total weight to 2000 g).


The forwarding expenses amount worldwide inclusively to 6,90 € (total weight to 500 g).

The forwarding expenses amount worldwide inclusively to 9,90 € (total weight to 1000 g).

The forwarding expenses amount worldwide inclusively to 19,90 € (total weight to 2000 g). 


6. Payment terms

All prices are retail prices; sales tax is not raised according to §19 paragraph 1 UStG, plus forwarding expenses. Payment by precash, cash on delivery or about credit card (only about Paypal) possibly. With regular customers a delivery on calculation or debit is also possible. We reserve ourselves to exclude single payment kinds. By choice of the payment kind Precash we call to you the correspondent in the confirmation of order (also in the imprint to find). The invoice amount is to be transferred within 7 days to our account.

7. Cancellation instruction

7.1 Cancellation right

They can revoke your contract explanation within 14 days without giving reasons in text form (e.g., letter, e-mail) or - if the thing leaves to you before the deadline - by return of the thing. The term begins on receipt of this instruction in text form, however, not before entrance of the product with the receiver and also not before fulfilment of our duties to inform according to article 246 §2 in connection with §1 paragraph 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our duties according to §312e paragraph 1 sentence 1 Civil Code in connection with article 246 §3 EGBGB. For the protection of the cancellation term the timely sending of the cancellation or the thing is enough. The cancellation is to be directed in: Werner Brawanski, Mozartstr. 51, 76571 Gaggenau, w.brawanski@t-online.de

7.2 Cancellation results

In case of an effective cancellation are the achievements received on both sides zurückzugewähren. Are able to do to us the received achievement all or part not or only in made worse state zurückgewähren, you must pay to us in this respect if necessary value compensation. With the surrender of things this is not valid if the deterioration of the thing is due exclusively to their check - as she would have been possible to you possibly in the retail shop-. For the rest, you can avoid the duty to the value substitute with one by the designated putting into use of the thing resulted deterioration, while you do not take the thing like your property in use and omit from everything what affects their value. Paketversandfähige things are to be sent back on our danger. They have to bear the costs of the return if the delivered product of the ordered ones corresponds and if the price of the thing to be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if you have not produced the consideration or a by contract agreed hire-purchase with a higher price of the thing at the time of the cancellation yet. Otherwise the return is free for you. Obligations to the allowance of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The term begins for you with sending your cancellation explanation or the thing, for us with their receipt. End of the cancellation instruction

8. Guarantee

The guarantee is directed according to the legal regulations. As far as used goods are an object of the bill of sale and the buyers not consumer is, the guarantee is excluded. If the customer is a consumer, the guarantee term amounts by the purchase of used things a year. If the delivered product is lack-afflicted, this is to be indicated immediately on receipt of the product us. Damages in transit or shortfalls are to be ascertained immediately by acceptance and to indicate the Anlieferer. The damages must be confirmed by the Anlieferer. Small divergences of the product description concerning colours, design and description are possible and allowed, also the availability of used tracks. These divergences justify no fault rebuke if the use suitability is not thereby affected.  

9. Datas

9.1. Data protection

With preparation, end, winding up and back winding up of a bill of sale data are raised by us within the scope of the legal regulations, are stored and processed. In the visit of our Internet offer the IP address topically used by your PC, date and time, the browser type and the operating system of your PC as well as the sides looked by you are taken down. Nevertheless, conclusions on personal data are not possible for us with it and also are not intended. The personal data of which you inform us with an order by e-mail (e.g., your name and your contact data) are processed only to the correspondence with you and only for the purpose for which you have made available the data to us. We transmit your data only to the dispatch enterprise commissioned with the delivery, as far as this is necessary for the delivery of the goods. For the winding up of payments we transmit your payment data to the loan institute commissioned with the payment. We assure that we transmit your personal data, for the rest, not into three parts, unless we would be obliged to it legally or you have expressly agreed before. As far as we take up services of third for the realisation and winding up of processing processes, the regulations of the federal data protection act are kept.

9.2. Duration of the storage

The personal data which have been informed to us about our website are stored only so long, until the purpose is fulfilled for which they were entrusted with us.

9.3. Their rights

Should you not be agreed with the storage of your personal data any more or have become wrong this, we will arrange on a suitable instruction within the scope of the legal regulations the deletion, correction or blockage of your data. If requested you receive free of charge information about all personal data which we have stored about you.

10. Legal choice

On the contractual relations between the supplier and the customer the right of the Federal Republic of Germany finds use.

11. Severability clause

Should a regulation of these general terms of business be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not touched of it.