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The definitive difference between the toby jug and the character jug is that a toby jug depicts the whole person, and the character jug only the head and shoulders. Charles Noke had in mind characters from English song, literature, history and legend, designed to appeal to future generations. It took him almost ten years to be satisfied with the standards of design and production, but in 1934 the first character jug was launched. He chose as his subject John Barleycorn, a figure symbolising whisky.

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Product no.: D6855

Falstaff Derivative D6855 (Single Character Teapot) Height: 6 1/2“ (16,5 cm) Designed by William K. Harper Produced 1989-1991

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Delivery weight: 513 g

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Product no.: D6853

Long John Silver Derivative D6853 (Single Character Teapot) Height: 7“ (17,8 cm) Designed by William K. Harper Produced 1990-1991

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Delivery weight: 529 g

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Product no.: D6818

Old Salt Derivative D6818 (Single Character Teapot) Height: 6 1/4“ (15,9 cm) Designed by William K. Harper Produced 1989

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Delivery weight: 498 g

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